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Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Seeker 2x Running MicroPython

My new boards came in today, ordered from Dangerous Prototypes. I ordered the boards on October 6, and they arrived at my door on October 14, which is amazing. The best part was the cost, the boards (10 copies of one board) were $10, plus $20 for 2-day shipping. Definitely worth it.
Seeker 2x new PCB

The idea is I'm stripping all the old electronics out of Seeker 2x, and I'm going to be replacing the insides with this new board, which contains:

I always had big software plans for Seeker 2x, but I really don't like programming in C, so I never got around to actually doing more than a bare minimum. Now that I'll be able to use Python to code things, I'm hoping I can do some much more advanced tricks.
Seeker 2x
I'm also really excited to play with the new 9-axis IMU chip. For $16, you get a full nine-axis sensor package together with an onboard Cortex M0 ARM chip running real time (100 Hz) sensor fusion. A few years ago, that combination would have come on a big board and cost over $1000.


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