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Wednesday, October 15, 2014

NanoSeeker v2.1 Populated Board

So I built a board tonight, and its working (after removing and rotating one of the h-bridge chips I put on backwards). I've validated that micropython works on it, and I can turn on and off the four LEDs. I've also successfully paired my cell phone with the bluetooth module on the board, so I'm pretty happy about that.

Tomorrow I'll test more of the functionality, making sure that everything works.

NanoSeeker v2.1 PCB Populated

Here's a picture of the entire sub, with the PCB attached.

NanoSeeker v2.1
The hole in the top of the nosecone is where the pressure/depth sensor will go.

New PCB Arrived

So the new PCB from DirtyPCB's arrived today!

It looks awesome, and I like the black color. Here's a picture of the top and bottom of the board, followed by a side-by-side of the previous yellow board with this new one. The only real difference is the bluetooth module footprint (and the color).

Top and bottom of new PCB

New PCB next to previous version
So I'm pretty happy about this - I'll see about getting this board populated tonight after work.