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Monday, February 3, 2014

MicroPython Board Working

Things weren't looking that great as of my last update, but I soldered in an 8 MHz ceramic resonator I had in one of my parts bags, and the USB stuff magically started working!

So, I have a fully functional MicroPython board now. Below is a picture showing my new board on the left, with my Teensy 3.1 carrier board on the right. The new board is a few millimeters longer, but the same width. The connectors are laid out in a much more usable fashion. The four wires you see coming out of the connector go to a couple push buttons, and allow me to reset the board, and also put it into DFU programming mode. Once the MicroPython software gets more stable and complete, I won't be re-flashing the board much, so I can remove the buttons. Its hard to get at the surface of the board while its in the robot, so I didn't want to put push-buttons on the board.

Two Boards Running MicroPython


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