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Saturday, January 25, 2014

uCee - Machining Axles

So, this morning I cranked up my Sherline lathe, and machined some brass axles for the four idler wheels (the ones that aren't attached to a motor).

Idler axles machined from 3/8" brass rod
To give a sense of scale, the smaller part of the axle is 3mm in diameter and about 13mm long. The larger part is around 9mm in diameter, and 2.5mm long.

Here's a neat picture I took while I was putting it all back together again:

You can clearly see the white encoder disks on the two motors, as well as the rather tight space between the h-bridge board (on the bottom) and the Teensy carrier board above it. I don't have the ProxDot sensors assembled or installed yet - they plug into the small right-angle plugs on the bottom of the carrier board.


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