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Thursday, January 23, 2014

uCee Coming Together

So my Teensy 3.1 carrier board I ordered from OSH Park finally showed up (took 5 weeks to get here from when I ordered it, but I can't complain - the price was right).

I still have the idler wheel axles to machine (I'm going to machine them from brass on my Sherline lathe), and I still have to put together my ProxDot sensors, but everything else is put together now, so I'll hopefully only have to strip the robot back down one more time before it is ready to roll.

uCee - Getting Closer
 The h-bridge is mounted and wired up under there, although you can't see it. Here's a picture of the Teensy carrier board (populated), with a blank one beside it (OSH Park gives you three boards):

Here are some more pictures of the robot:

I also have to order the batteries, although for now I can run it off a wall supply. My brother has MicroPython (in its current form) ported to run on the Teensy 3.1, and he's got a cute little robot running off it, so I'll have this guy running Python pretty soon.


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