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Friday, November 29, 2013

Roz - Ready To Go

Roz from the bottom
From a hardware perspective, Roz is now complete (for this revision, anyways). I soldered together a new auxiliary power board (since the old one didn't work), and made a new board I call the power distribution board, shown in the picture to the left. It has four terminal blocks, and a 5 volt 10 amp voltage regulator. Ten amps is a little overkill to power a Beaglebone black and a USB hub, but it was cheap, so I went for it.

Also visible in the picture is the 3-cell 11.1 volt Lithium Polymer battery (2000 mAh). Power goes from the battery, through the on/off main switch, and then up to the aux. power board. It then comes back down to the distribution board, where it is shunted (still at 12 volts) back up to the bioloid bus, and run through the 5 volt regulator for the BBB and the USB hub.

Next up, I need to write some python code, both on the desktop and on the BBB. The desktop code will be mainly utilities, that allow me to talk to the bioloid devices and set parameters and so on. On the BBB, it will be copying an implementation of NUKE (a nice inverse kinematics engine) and setting up a really simple finite state machine to make it walk around and not run into things.


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