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Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Roz - Walking Fast and Smooth

So, I've done some optimization of the gait, and Roz now walks a whole lot smoother than before. I'm working on a new sensor head, which contains three Sharp GP2D12 IR range finder sensors, and a Maxbotix sonar. You can see it mounted in the image to the right - I've only got one GP2D12 mounted, but I'll be adding two more, one to each side.

Here's a short video showing the improved gait:

I'm planning on swapping out the Arbotix board for a gumstix Overo Earth, which I happen to have sitting on my desk thanks to my brother Dave. That board will run Squeak, and I've already got the IK and gait code from my friend Mike Ferguson ported into Squeak.

Once that is done, I'm going to consider adding a simple webcam, so I can start doing some very basic visual processing.

I've also got a new leg design prototyped, with a compliant spring. Once I add a sensor to this leg, I will be able to start looking at handling terrain compliance, which will allow Roz to handle uneven terrain (like what you find outdoors).

Lots of things to do, lots of places to go....