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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Roz - My New Robot

So, after a lot of thinking, and some time spent watching some Bioloid quads in action, I decided that even though MicroRaptor didn't work properly (AX-12 servos are good, but not powerful enough for a biped robot that heavy), I still wanted a limbed robot to continue my AI research with.

Enter Roz, my take on a Bioloid Quadropod.

It has 14 servos in total, 3 in each leg, and two for a pan/tilt head. Right now I just have a place-holder head attached, with a couple AX-S1's and a serial Jpeg camera. Eventually I will build a much more purposed head.

This body is designed to take an ArbotiX microcontroller board directly. I'll be getting one of those this weekend from the guy who makes them (hi Mike!), who is coming up to the CNRG.

Eventually, I'm going to replace that with a similar board, based on an ARM7 with a wifi interface.

Here's a video of Mike's quad, Issy, set up as a fire-fighter:

He's using a nice little IK (inverse kinematics) engine running on his ArbotiX. We're going to try and get that running on Roz this weekend - we'll see how that goes...


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