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Thursday, January 3, 2008

A Hammer for MicroRaptor

The good folks over at Tin Can Tools have kindly provided me with a Hammer kit to try out in one of my robots. I also got invited to give a talk at the Embedded Systems Conference in San Jose in April 2008, on "Three Mobile Linux Robots". The three robots are MicroSeeker, BrainBot, and MicroRaptor. MicroSeeker and BrainBot both run on a gumstix, and I was originally going to put one on MicroRaptor also, but decided to try out this Hammer board instead.

Its a pretty amazing little board - the size of a DIP-40, which is even smaller than a gumstix. The other real win is it actually plugs into a regular 0.1" DIP-40 socket, so you can use it with a solderless breadboard. On the left is a picture of the Hammer sitting next to one of my gumstix XL6P boards. The perspective of the image is funny, but its actually a bit narrower than the gumstix, and a lot shorter.

Anyways, I'll be documenting my progress here on this blog, as well as on the MicroRaptor project page on the Bioloid wiki. With any luck at all, MicroRaptor will be walking around completely autonomously by early April...


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