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Sunday, November 18, 2007

The next mini-sumo

So, this is supposed to be a blog on AI and biped robots, but hopefully most of the people reading (is there anyone reading?) are interested in robotics in general as well...

This will be my last mini-sumo post in a while, I promise... I decided shortly after winning this year's mini sumo competition that I was going to build a new one for next year, and after spending an hour or so chatting with my brother about new motors and mini-sumo design, a new design was born.

I always model new robots in CAD before building them. Here's a couple renders from the new design, Seeker //x... The first one, at the top right, shows the view from the rear quarter. This new robot of course carries the same lines as Seeker 2, but is 33% lower. This robot is 1" high, and should be more than twice as fast as Seeker 2. Since it will have a much more powerful microcontroller onboard (ATmega128), I will have lots of code space to experiment with advanced algorithms and such. The second render (to the left) shows the front quarter view.

More Mini Sumo

So, here's a few more videos of some practice runs I did with Seeker 2 after the competition with some of the other guys:

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Seeker 2 versus Slice

My friend Jerome from Montreal filmed the final match between Seeker 2 and Slice, his robot.

Monday, November 12, 2007

MiniSumo Fun

So, this past weekend was the Canadian National Robot Games (which used to be the Eastern Canadian Robot Games). I entered Seeker 2, my autonomous mini-sumo robot, in the masters mini-sumo event. In total there were six masters mini-sumo robots there, and Seeker 2 managed to grab first place.

Not bad for a robot that is five years old...