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Friday, August 24, 2007

Another chapter for BrainBot

So, the grippers mentioned in my post yesterday are for a new BrainBot* robot. Well, not exactly a new BrainBot, but one with a significantly different movement protocol. We saw the new Johnny-5 robot at Lynxmotion, and decided that would be an ideal base for BrainBot, so they can concentrate on vision and manipulation without having to worry about locomotion.

Of course, walking is still important, so the robot will have an interchangeable base plate that can transform it from a tracked base robot to a walking robot. The motor control for the tracked base will come from my general I/O module, so the entire tracked base will become just another bus device.

In case you're wondering what the funny face pictures around the camera are, they are to allow BrainBot to express emotions. Of course, each LCD panel will be just another bus device on the Bioloid bus.

*The BrainBot project is directed and funded by the Brain Engineering Lab and Neukom Institute at Dartmouth


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