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Sunday, May 27, 2007

Gripper - Moving

So, after getting yet another PCB for the gripper (revision 3), and getting more help from my brother in the way of PWM code for the AVR, I managed to put together a gripper with a machined gear set, and both motors working. To the right you can see a picture of it, with the board mounted, and almost fully set up. Right now the only things missing are the two sensors - one for the finger pressure, and one for the wrist rotation encoder. I have both sensors, I just need to install them and test them.

Here's a movie (566 KB) showing it in its current form, opening and closing the gripper, and rotating the wrist. It is running a little sample program I wrote for the ATmega168 to test that the hardware works.

*The BrainBot project is directed and funded by the Brain Engineering Lab and Neukom Institute


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