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Thursday, February 8, 2007

MicroRaptor Walking

Well, last night I finally sat down and finished the motion sequences necessary for taking both left and right steps, so now MicroRaptor can walk. Its a very crude walk, and definitely needs a bunch of work, but it is clearly walking.

The thing I like about this is it looks sort of like real walking, with the feet tucked under the body, and taking great big strides. Last time I measured it, MicroRaptor's stride (the distance from the front of one foot to the front of the other while at full extension) was about 6", which is pretty good.

The feet are still sliding around a little, and I'm going to fix that pretty soon with some silicone pads on the bottom of his feet. Obviously, of course, this all needs to be tuned, but the plan is (once wifi is enabled and the IMU is in steady use) is that MicroRaptor will tune his walk himself.

Anyways, to see it in action, go to the MicroRaptor page and click on "MicroRaptor Movies". The walking one is at the bottom...


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