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Saturday, February 17, 2007

First AVR Program

So, last night, with the help of my brother, I finally got all the issues cleared up, and got my AVR toolchain working. I'm using avr-gcc with cygwin and avrdude and an AVRispMkII programmer I picked up from Digikey. And you also have to use WinAVR (avr-gcc comes with it), and you have to have AVRStudio (to help debug programming issues).

Damn complicated, these AVR tools. Anyways, I now have an ATmega168 that can blink an LED. More importantly, I have been introduced to the (ugh) world of Makefiles, and have a pretty nice one set up for building AVR code.

Next up, I'm going to get the UART working, and then comes A/D. Once I have those working, the foot pressure sensors and a six-axis IMU will be next in line.


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