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Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Fun Stuff

Well, things have been progressing well. I've got my new ATmega128 board talking to the Bioloid bus, so I no longer need a jury-rigged robostix. I've also been working on my Squeak code, and have updated my administration GUI to handle multiple AX-12s on the bus, and to give real-time sensor feedback while I'm dragging the servo morph to move the actual servo.

I've been playing a little with some of the servo parameters. If your AX-12s are squealing, you can fix that by upping the "Punch" parameter (last one in the table) to something over 100 - the defaul power-up value is 32. Changing the Compliance Margin values to 2 or 3 helps with that as well.

My Bioloid kit is on the way, so hopefully this weekend I'll be playing with some new toys !


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