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Friday, January 19, 2007

Cranking Along

So, lots has been happening - I've had a few busy (late) nights the past week. Right now I'm working on user interfaces, specifically what I call the "Operations" GUI, which is what I use while operating MicroRaptor.

The screenshot below and to the left shows what it looks like right now. In this image, the robot is running a sequence that switches from whatever the current position is to standing. The graphic on the top-left shows the sequence (60 frames x 20 actuators), with the red portion being the current frame in the sequence being executed.

The sliders on the bottom right are all hooked up to the actuators in real time, and I can grab one and slide it left or right to position a servo manually.

I can also switch sets of the servos (basically, body parts) between freewheel mode and controlled mode, which allows me to manually adjust one of the legs (for example) while the other maintains its position, or to manually position the head while standing.

Lots of fun, still tons of work let to do in this department. Next up is the sequence editor, which will allow me to extract a single actuator from a sequence, and edit its movement graphically over the span of the sequence.


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