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Sunday, December 24, 2006

Updated CAD Model

Here's a new version of the CAD model. Fixes include changing the main body layout, narrowing the hips by a little bit, and much more detail on the PCB. The circuit board has the following components:
The 3.3 volt components on the board are the Wifi module and the 5-axis IMU. Both ATmega128 boards will be run at 5 volts (the Wifi module is 5 volt tolerant for SPI). Since the batteries only provide 9.6 volts, I'll be providing a 12 volt switch-up regulator to provide power for them. I will probably have to modify the board slightly to accomodate 2 of the switch-up regulators depending on how much current the cameras take. The IMU module will be a custom sensor on the AX-12 bus.


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